Helpie FAQ

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  • Does Revitaa Pro Really Work?

    Yes, Revitaa Pro claims to help you lose weight, relieve stress, and boost your immune system among other powerful benefits. To achieve this, Revitaa Pro targets the root cause of the problem – ‘high cortisol level’. It maintains the cortisol level in the body.

  • Is Revitaa Pro Safe?

    Yes. Revitaa Pro is safe as the ingredients used are clinically proved to beĀ  100% Natural. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-Certified facility. It claims to help lose weight and relieve stress organically without any side effects.

  • How Does Revitaa Pro Work?

    Revitaa Pro works by attacking the root problem that causes Excessive weight gain or high-level stress – ‘high cortisol level‘. It lowers the excess cortisol level in the body, which eventually helps in losing excessive body fat

  • What is the 8 second recharge?

    The 8 second recharge is an ancient Japanese ingredient formula used to help lose weight and relieve stress in the body. And, Revitaa Pro weight loss supplement is based on this ancient formula, and this is what makes it so effective.

  • Is Revitaa Pro FDA Approved?

    Yes, Revitaa Pro is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-Approved and GMA-Certified facility.

  • Does Revitaa Pro ship to Counties like UK, Australia and Canada?

    Yes. Revitaa Pro Ships thier Product to All the First & Second tier countries (including Australia, UK, Canada).